Welcome to Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership podcast with Ruth Haley Barton. In each 30-minute episode you will discover how forging and maintaining a life-giving connection with God is the best thing you bring to leadership. 


Season 1

Sacred Rhythms in the Life of the Leader

Ruth sits down with pastor and friend, Steve Weins to talk about what it looks like for leaders to be dangerously tired.  Ruth shares her first experience of noticing she was dangerously tired, which became her invitation to step away from ministry and church for a time to just be with God and God alone.

Season 2

Life Together in Christ: Cultivating Communities for Spiritual Transformation

Ruth and Steve discuss how to cultivate communities where people regularly and routinely experience spiritual transformation. Ruth shares how God led her to the story of the Emmaus Road as a biblical model for transforming community.

Season 3

From Decision Making to Discernment in Community

Ruth and Steve dive right into the topic of pursuing God’s will together, and Ruth begins by defining the heart of spiritual leadership. Is discerning together just for the big things? Why is Jesus always healing blind people? What happens when leaders stop paying attention? What are the four types of blindness we easily fall into? Learn how to move beyond teamwork and into to a way of discerning God's will together.

Season 4

Seeking God in the Crucible of Ministry

This season begins by defining what the soul is and Ruth describes one of the clearest moments when she realized that she lost touch with her soul. Through the story of Moses, Ruth challenges us to pay attention to what is happening in our leadership and to own it. Along the way we discover why crucible is such a great word, and what and why a spiritual director is so important for a spiritual leader.